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Let loose at the end of the day at Prince Charles and get swept up in Berlin's nightlife...

There are countless bars and clubs in Berlin, which is why it's not always easy to decide where to go. Prince Charles is situated directly on Moritzplatz in the heart of Kreuzberg and has something for everyone depending on the night, whether you're into the love songs played at the Engtanz night or you'd prefer dancing to the cool beats of Burgers and Hip Hop. Fans of electronic music will also find what they're looking for here.

It's no secret that Prince Charles is one of the coolest clubs in Berlin. What many people don't know, however, is that it's situated in the premises of the former employee swimming pool of the piano manufacturer C.Bechstein. If you take a closer look, you'll see that the basement bar is placed within the disused swimming pool and that the mosaic tiles with fish motifs are still intact on the walls, providing a clue to the building's previous life. Aside from the typical club nights, the venue also hosts readings, salon evenings and other cultural events. If you'd like to go for a tasty dinner beforehand, we'd recommend the restaurant Parker Bowles, which is located right next to the entrance to the Prince Charles and is housed in the same building as Berlin publisher Aufbau Verlag, just like the club itself. Our tip: Find out in advance which club night is on when you plan to go, so you can dance the night away to your favourite songs!


Time for some fresh air in the great outdoors...

Among the hustle and bustle of Berlin, you occasionally need a little chill-out time. Something many people don't know is that Berlin is an extremely green city! The skyline is decorated with a million trees and there are over 2,500 parks just waiting to be explored.

For our tour with Lisa Dengler, we've decided to head to the area surrounding the Landwehr Canal. There isn't actually a park here, but there is a pretty footpath, lined with bushes and trees, that runs along the canal. It's the perfect place for a stroll – a green oasis in the middle of Kreuzberg. We recommend planning a stop at the Admiralbrücke [Admiral's bridge], which connects the two banks, the Maybach and the Paul-Lincke sides, linking Neukölln to Kreuzberg. Not only will you find a whole range of great cafés, little restaurants and delicious ice cream stands here, there's also a great mix of people, especially when the sun comes out. It's our top tip for anyone out and about in Kreuzberg or Neukölln who needs a taste of the countryside in the city.

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